At Lamon Luther, we stand by the pieces we build. We believe the combination of our skilled craftsmanship (typically being handcrafted), materials, and mission allow us to create a product that stands above mass-produced furniture, often constructed with cheaper materials and labor in other parts of the world. Our tables and furniture are skillfully crafted to last years, but there are many factors out of our control, from how it gets used and cleaned, to the amount of moisture, heat/cold and light it’s exposed to, all of which can impact the life of a wooden furniture product. While our products are built to last generations, we guarantee our product for six (6) months after delivery or pickup. 

What is covered by our six (6) month warranty? Our products are made with real, solid wood, which will naturally expand and contract with seasonal changes in humidity and temperature. Light and other natural occurrences can also affect color and finish. As these things fluctuate and change, you may see some seams open and close. This is to be expected and is generally unavoidable. If we realize that any damage is a result of our craftsmanship or materials, we will repair the item covered by warranty (within six months of delivery or pickup). 

What is NOT covered by our six (6) month warranty? We use top-notch wood and finish materials, often the best money can buy. In the event that there is damage to the surface top coat (scratches, nicks, dings, heat or hot dish damage, moisture rings or discoloration, etc.), this is not a result of our craftsmanship and therefore is not covered by our warranty. By purchasing a Lamon Luther table, you understand and accept the nature of our products and materials. 

If after six months your table or furniture item requires repair or maintenance, we are more than happy to attempt to restore or repair it. This will be billed separately. We offer our Maintenance and Refinishing Services to both individuals and businesses. Some customer-requested wood species, finishes, and modifications are excluded. Repair or refund is at the sole discretion of Lamon Luther.