What's makes a Lamon Luther special?

Lamon Luther's focus is sustainable job creation.  We believe by giving a person a job we are helping to create sustainable revenue and restore dignity and ultimately create a new found hope.  We do this by employing craftsman transitioning out of recovery programs.  We believe in giving people a Hand Up instead of a Handout. 

Are you a Non-Profit?

No - We are a for profit social enterprise model.  We didnt want our craftsmen work to be based on charity, but rather earn an honest wage from working hard to build a great product for our customers.  

How do I best support your company?

There are two ways to help Lamon Luther.

  1. Purchase a Lamon Luther table or product.  We reinvest all of our earning to hiring more craftsman.
  2. Become a Lamon Luther evangelist by sharing our story via email, social media, or in person.

Why does a reclaimed table cost more than a non-reclaimed table?

The reclamation process is difficult, and expensive but necessary.  We have to reclaim the wood from old barns, de-nail the material, grade it and kiln dry it to kill bugs.  Then it goes through a delicate process of carefully selecting and processing the material.  There is an additional 10 step process to provide solid reclaimed furniture, but these methods keep our forest happy. 

Will my table splinter or crack?

Unfortunately, over time your table will slightly react to its final environment.  However, we ensure every table that is sent out to be at a high level of craftsmanship with a finish that is safe for children and animals.  

How long will it take to get my table?

Our goal is to ship out your table with-in two weeks of purchase. 

Can I have a specific craftsman build my table?

Unfortunately, no.  The good news is all of our craftsman touch your product at some level in the process.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer custom sizing. 

My table is damaged, now what?

Please email hello@lamonluther.com or call and we will be happy to help resolve the problem.

Can I visit the shop?

Of course, please email us to set up an appointment at hello@lamonluther.com