February 11, 2014


Did you know that your thirst is better quenched by something bitter? Probably not an accurate statement but we'll flow with it. So here's the yummy recipe for a delicious yet healthy limeade (cousin of lemonade).
1.5L water
80g raw sugar
250ml lime juice (or 3 large limes)
1/3 of a cucumber diced
Handful of mint sprigs
Mix together and enjoy!
January 28, 2014


Have any white coffee mugs laying around? Well grab them, get your friends over and learn how to turn boring coffee mugs into something you would see in a Pottery Barn or Anthropologie! This tutorial is one of the easiest projects to do this winter. Gold is such a winter trend this year and we don't mind it one bit! I know it's a bit late for Christmas gifts but these would make for GREAT gifts to a newly wed couple or packaged as a "get well soon" gift with some cough drops and tea bags inside. The best part about this project is that it was so cheap and more than likely, the supplies might already all be in your home. We hope you're staying warm this winter. Grab your friends or your children and have a cup of coffee around your table.
White, ceramic coffee mugs (we found ours at Dollar General for $1)
Krylon spray paint in metallic gold and then in a matte ceramic concealer
Painters tape (one roll)
If you're a visual learner, follow along with the step by step photo tutorial below.
First think up a design you want to be gold on your mug. We chose simple designs but you can be as fancy as you'd like. Next take the painters tape and cover the entire mug except where you want the gold (make sure you press it down hard so the paint doesn't seep through your lines). Once you've got your mug taped up, take it to a ventilated area where you can being spraying the mug. Use gold first (do a couple coats). Let the gold sit for about 5 minutes before spraying the concealer. Let the concealer sit for 8 minutes and then take the tape off right away to prevent the paint coming up with it. It dries fairly fast and isn't messy. A great project for children!
Take Care:
Hand wash only! When hand washing be gentle with the outside especially around the gold. If it chips it will only add character!
We'd love to see yours! 
Email us your finished product to: pam@lamonluther.com and it might get featured on the blog!
December 20, 2013

Build Something Beautiful

Today we want you to know that no matter which tools you use,
you have the ability to build something beautiful.
May 05, 2013


Tedx - Build Something Beautiful by Brian Preston

In the fall on 2012, our founder Brian Preston shared our story with Tedx Atlanta.  We hope it inspires you to build something beautiful. 

In the fall on 2012, our founder Brian Preston shared our story with Tedx Atlanta.  We hope it inspires you to build something beautiful. 

May 03, 2013

BUILDHOPE › Custom Work ›

Roam - Atlanta

Design by: Orchestrate
Photos by: Bennet Brian