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How to Install a Pallet Wood Wall

Installing pallet wood on a focal wall can add a nice design feature to your space.  This is a wall we installed in just a few hours and anyone with basic tools can do this to their own space.  

Tools Needed:

-Hammer, Nail Punch, Nail Gun, Sawzall, Miter Saw, Construction Adhesive, Air Compressor, Level, and A Table Saw

1. Find Free + Dry Pallets - Look for pallets that have been stored in a dry warehouse.  A great resource is craigslist, or industrial area where many warehouses are located.

2. Cut The Pallets Down - We made a video that describes the best method for this.  We also recommend lightly sanding the boards before installation. 

3. Remove The Nails - After you have cut down the pallets, you will want to remove the nails with a nail set.  Simply turn over the board and knock the nail out with the nail set.  Flip the board back over and pull the nails out.  

4. Rip all the Boards to the same width on a table saw.  We usually set up the table saw fence at 3".  Then flip over and rip to 2 3/4" wide.  This way you will have 2 ripped edges and this will make your installation a breeze. 

5. Remove any base board and mark your studs.  You can do this with a stud finder, or using a small nail to tap in the wall.  Most studs are 16" on center, so once you find a stud you can measure over 16" to locate the next one.  Always double check with a stud finder of small nail. 

6. Start with the first board at the bottom of the wall (where the baseboard was located).  Be sure to glue the back of the material with construction adhesive.  

7. Nail the first run of boards in with a nail gun.  We usually us 2" nails and be sure you hit the studs.

8. Continue with the next run.  Put a level on each run and adjust accordingly.  Make sure your joints off set. (think brick laying).  You don't want the joints to line up on the wall.  

9. Keep going all the way up the wall. Once you get to the top, measure the top board and rip your last board to fit on the table saw. 

10. Take a step back and enjoy.