We love and believe in small businesses. We also believe in great food and the tools that we use to make the food we eat so great. The kitchen is where masterpieces happen. Getting creative in your kitchen is not only an art but it's proven to be therapeutic. Fill your kitchen with beautiful and practical tools to make cooking in the kitchen a little easier and obviously more attractive.
Here are a few of our favorite kitchen must-haves:
01. Wooden Recipe Box with adorable recipe cards from Rifle Paper Co.
02. George Kelly Wooden Scoop from Imogene + Willie
03. Enamelware mugs (similar)
04. The Kinfolk Table a recipe + gatherings book from Kinfolk
05. Ella Mae Bread Board from Lamon Luther
06. Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus plant which you can find at most nurseries 
and homegoods warehouses (example: Home Depot)
What are some of your kitchen must-haves?