Dip-dying is the easiest yet trendiest thing to do to old, used or even brand new items. In this Make post you will be learning a simple DIY on dip-dying serving spoons. Obviously you'll see and read below that we actually cheated the dip-dying system with hand-painting instead of dipping but we didn't have a huge amount of stuff to paint. So in saving paint and cost here is a tutorial on creating the dip-dyed illusion for some wooden spoons you may already have in your home just waiting for a make-over!
Wooden utensils (anything wooden really) - $4 for assortment
Acrylic paint - $0.74 per mini bottle
Paint brushes - $6 for a 4 brush set
Painters tape - c'mon, you know you have it somewhere around the house
Matte sealer spray paint - not pictured but $5 for a mini can
The photos are pretty self explanatory but when putting your painters tape make sure the edges around where you're painting are sealed tightly around the wood to avoid paint running. Also, once the acrylic has dried completely, do one coat of sealer spray over the black dipped ends, NOT the heads of them! 
Take Care:
Hand wash only