Our Process

Named after LAMON LUTHER WILSON, our movement is a tribute to the american craftsman. Yielding to the art of handmade products- Our focus is on the process, putting our blood, sweat, and tears into every small detail, restlessly pushing the envelop of simplistic design and pursuing unity with sustainability. We understand to be a craftsman is a calling- a pursuit and a need to build, so we put our energy into providing opportunity- more importantly HOPE for the hopeless craftsmen. We equip these craftsmen with the tools they once loved, celebrating the small moments of victory together. This craft they have been given is gift and a calling. 

So yes- we build furniture, but Lamon Luther is not about us building furniture. Its about you. Its about you discovering your craft. 

So our hope is every time you collide with Lamon Luther, you find a small piece of yourself, and more importantly discover your calling.

At Lamon Luther we believe that every piece of furniture we build should tell a story.  We understand that a table is more than just a table, its a place where memories will be made for years to come.  Knowing this, our craftsman put a piece of themselves in to every piece we build, paying attention to every detail, focusing on the story that the furniture will tell over time. 

From Shipping Materials, to old barns, to recyled metal, we start with materials that would usually end up in landfills, rescue it, and restore it.   We love the art of picking and selecting, so we look for specific material that capture the essence of our process.

At lamon luther we uses practices passed down from generation to generation.  Our Craftsman handcraft every single product, putting a small piece of themselves into every piece. 

Our hope is that you pass our Handcrafted products down, so we build them to last longer than a lifetime.  

Each Lamon Luther product has its own unique characteristics.  In other words, only size is a constant in Lamon Luther products.  Because we use such a wide variety of materials, every lamon luther product is one of a kind.